Catherine Buckley                 Amelia Harrison             Emma Stuart

This book is a result of the coming together of Catherine and Amelia who have been friends for many years. Their friendship has evolved into a professional collaboration that seeks to educate kindergarten and primary school-aged children on matters that can save lives.

In November 2015, Catherine and Amelia completed their second tertiary qualifications, Catherine, the Master of Primary Teaching and Amelia, the Bachelor of Paramedicine. Whilst on her final round of placements, Catherine encountered a prep student who would dial 000 on any phone he could get his hands on, be it the school intercom, a mobile or the classroom landline! When confronted, this child wasn't quite able to comprehend the consequences of his actions and why indeed what he was doing was inappropriate. In consultation with Amelia, Catherine then went on to create a lesson plan for this group of students surrounding how and when it is appropriate to call 000, however they were unable to find any appropriate resources to help support for facilitate this discussion.

Despite children being considered a vulnerable population and one of the most at risk groups for not being able to call for help when required, market research produced no results for a children’s book that could supplement such an important discussion between children and their parents or teachers. Ultimately, Catherine and Amelia used their combined knowledge and extensive practical experience, in the classroom and working with local and international emergency services respectively, to create such a resource with a wonderfully gifted illustrator, Emma Stuart. 

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