Teaching, Twinkl and Toby the Teddy!


We are thrilled to finally unveil a new collaboration between Toby the Teddy and Twinkl Australia

So, who are Twinkl?

Twinkl Educational Publishing is a fast growing, digital publisher of educational teaching materials for the Early Years, Primary and Secondary markets. The first choice for easy to use, trusted and high quality teaching resources for educators and parents worldwide. Our team of teachers in Australia develop the teaching content of our Australian resources and our global design team ensure they are professionally designed and are visually engaging and inspiring for children in the classroom or at home.

Why did we want to make this collection with Twinkl Australia?

To answer that, I'll let you hear from Twinkl themselves:

"Back in 2016 we reached out to the author, Amelia Harrison, because we were so impressed with how the book focused on the importance of teaching children about when to call 000. The aim of the book,  ‘Is This An Emergency? Ambulance - The Adventures of Toby the Teddy’ is to inform children about when and how to call an ambulance in an emergency situation. We thought it would be a great opportunity to work together and to create a bank of engaging and fun resources to use alongside the book and we wanted children to learn about this important concept in an effective and not-at-all scary way.

Research has found that this topic of conversation is often overlooked due to the possibility of children growing anxious and frightened if they had to call an ambulance in an emergency. The book aims to overcome this barrier and we wanted to help assist teachers to instill the knowledge and confidence in young children by providing them with a range of resources that were age-appropriate, fun, engaging and most importantly easy to comprehend.

We believe that after a lot of researching and planning that we have created something unique, and something that can be used by teachers, parents and educators alike. We know that children can become confused and waste resources when calling 000 inappropriately, so we hope that together with reading ‘Is This An Emergency? Ambulance - The Adventures of Toby the Teddy’ and using the resource pack alongside it, that we can make a difference!"

What's included in the collection?

The resource pack contains 29 individual resources that range from display banners, word cards, words mats, writing templates, differentiated comprehension activities, sorting cards, cloze passages, activity sheets, poems, bookmarks and more. You can find this amazing collection of resources here.

Should you wish to peruse at your own pace, below are the 29 individual resources that you will find in the resource pack.

  1. Is This an Emergency? Ambulance Display Banner
  2. Is This an Emergency? Ambulance Display Bunting
  3. Toby the Teddy Portrait Page Border Pack
  4. When is it an Emergency? A4 Display Poster
  5. Numbers 0-100 on Ambulance Display Posters
  6. Word Cards
  7. Word Mat
  8. Word Search
  9. Paramedics Fact File
  10. Paramedics Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
  11. Is This An Emergency? Ambulance Book Review Template You can download this FREE!
  12. Emergency Contact Details Writing Template
  13. Scenario Sequencing Activity Sheet
  14. Cloze Passages Activity Sheets
  15. Scenario Word and Picture Matching Activity Sheet You can download this FREE!
  16. Accidents and Emergencies Write and Draw Activity Sheet
  17. Spelling Mistakes Activity Sheets
  18. What Is Happening in This Picture? Activity Sheets
  19. Dictionary Meanings for Accidents and Emergencies Activity Sheet
  20. Emergency Prompting Question Cards
  21. Accident or Emergency? Sorting Cards
  22. What To Do When You Call 000 Sorting Cards
  23. Create your own Dictionary Booklet
  24. How to Call for an Ambulance Play Script
  25. Editable Bookmarks
  26. Toby the Teddy Acrostic Poem
  27. Emergency Acrostic Poem
  28. Accident Acrostic Poem
  29. Ambulance Acrostic Poem


Also, to help celebrate this amazing collaboration we are giving away copies of the book, ‘Is This An Emergency? Ambulance - The Adventures of Toby the Teddy’ and the resource pack created by Twinkl.


To enter, go to either:
Twinkl Australia’s Instagram or Facebook page, or
Toby the Teddy’s Instagram or Facebook page and find the giveaway post.


Good luck! 

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