A Magnet May Save Your Life. Don’t Underestimate Its Power

When speaking with various parents, friends and family, I, Amelia Harrison, found that one of the largest perceived barriers to a child calling 000 was the fact that kindergarten and primary school aged children are often unable to remember their home address.

Yes, most landlines are able to send their geographical location to the Triple Zero Call-Taker, however with the dominance of mobile technology, the existence of the landline is fading fast. Therefore, now more than ever, it is essential that your children are able to remember or have rapid access to this information if it is ever required. It could be considered time wasted if you teach your child how and when to call 000 if ultimately these services are unable to locate you.

It has been found that the most common place where children may in fact need to dial 000 is in the home and therefore having that piece of information committed to memory is essential. However, as I’m sure we all know, the more you want a child to remember something, the less likely it is that they will. Therefore, I have come up with a Toby the Teddy inspired solution!

We have created a bright postcard sized magnet that is designed to be clear and eye-catching - and of course with a gorgeous illustration of Toby by Emma Stuart. Printed on the magnet is, ‘Dial 000 in an emergency’, with ample space below it for your home address to be written clearly in permanent marker. We encourage parents to place these magnets on the fridge and at the height of your child so if a time does come where they do need to call 000, they are able to run to the fridge and read or even sound out your address to facilitate prompt and accurate dispatch of emergency services.


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